MIX Srl, founded in 1990, specializes in the development and construction of horizontal mixers such as plough share mixers, paddle mixers, ribbon mixers, dryers, reactors, granulators, sterilizers and hoppers with agitator. The product range of MIX Srl is supplemented with various components for bulk & solids handling. They are mainly active in the food industry, the plastics industry, the pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

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Batch- en continuous mixers
Useful mixing volume: 2 to 50,000 liters
Applications: atmospheric pressure, vacuum (under pressure), heating or cooling jacket
Mixing technology: plough share mixer, paddle mixer and ribbon mixer

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Cartridge filter, bag filter, fan, hopper, mobile dust collecting tank
At atmospheric pressure or for vacuum applications
Filtering surface: 1 to 135m²
ATEX zone 20-21-22 internal and zone 21-22 external, option with explosion panel

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Butterfly valves: DN100 to DN400
Slide valves or knife gate valves: 175 x 175 mm to 825 x 825 mm
Pinch valves: DN80 (3’’) or DN100 (4’’)
Manual, pneumatic or electrical actuator

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Over- and under pressure valves, safety valves
Rotating paddle level indicators

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Aeration plates and aeration nozzles

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For open and closed trucks (bulk trucks)
Telescopic steel tubes on the inside and flexible outer bellows
Stroke: 0.8 to 8 m
High wearing resistance
With a venting point or with integrated dust filter and fan

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Mixing tests can be carried out in the MIX Srl lab
Temperatures to maximum +180°C
Pressure: to +5bar maximum or under vacuüm